In Pursuit of Golf Excellence

About Player Pursuits

Player Pursuits is the premier online community for everyone with a passion for golf—from the recreational golfer striving to break 100, to competitive Juniors vying for a roster spot on a college team, to established and emerging golf brands. The platform has been designed and developed by a diverse team with an unrelenting passion for golf. Active stakeholders and advisors include junior golfers,  playing professionals, instructors, parents, technology experts, and global brands.

Purpose and Mission

The purpose and mission of Player Pursuits is to provide the golf community with a safe, convenient, and fun channel to share and communicate all aspects of one’s pursuits, progress, and achievements in the game of golf. Our mission is to foster a thriving community of golfers, golf enthusiasts, and golf businesses, while providing technology tools and content that enhance the game for all. Our community is inclusive and welcomes anyone with a desire to improve their game, document their golf journey, and connect with others.

Vision and Values

The game of golf is steeped in tradition and positive values such as, character, dignity, honesty, respect, and integrity. Our vision is to provide a digital platform that embodies the same code of conduct and honorable behavior that we all strive to exhibit on the golf course. Player Pursuits is a safe haven of positivity and encouragement, and a place where golfers of all ages and skill levels can share their golf experiences and learn from others while pursuing their goals. Read our Rules and Code of Conduct.

Casual Golf Enthusiasts

Connect with other members in an active and engaged golf community! Player Pursuits is perfect for those who have a strong interest in golf, or have friends and family whose golf career they’d like to follow. The platform allows members to create groups, organize rounds and outings, schedule, and notify their connections about golf-related events.

  • Connect and share with friends
  • Follow your favorite golfers
  • Direct message connections
  • Stay updated on schedules and tournament results

Junior Golfers

Player Pursuits provides Junior golfers with the tools and resources to take their game to next level. Connect with instructors, showcase your swing, share tournament results, display club carry distances, and much more. The platform helps players document their growth and improvement, and share their progress with others.

  • Post and share swing images and videos
  • Display key stats, scores, and results
  • Join coach and instructor groups
  • Share equipment changes with your connections

Coaches & Instructors

Coaches and Instructors can use the Player Pursuits platform as a way to communicate with your roster, students, and parents. Coaches and recruiters can utilize the platform as a research tool for recruiters to discover new talent.

  • Research and explore Junior golf talent
  • Maintain schedules
  • Communicate with students and parents
  • Track results and progress

Golf Businesses and Brands

Player Pursuits is where your customers are. From young players just beginning to learn the game to the true golf addict, our robust online platform is the perfect channel to showcase your products and services and reach new customers who are ready to buy. 

  • Get data and insights on equipment usage
  • Promote and recommend new products and services
  • Provide special offers and deals to the Player Pursuits community
  • Advertise to targeted regions and/or demographics

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