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  • A great initiative by our Juniors to come together and raise funds for the caddies

    #care4caddies initiative. 43 caddies have received cash/ cheque’s through our fundraiser and we hope to continue our work to help and further this cause.Thankyou all for standing with us in this endeavour. We are indeed highly grateful to our coach Mr Amit Dube w… Read more

  • Of course, Collin Morikawa is an exceptional talent and to perform the way he has on PGA TOUR is mind-boggling.

    But do have a look at these stunning numbers of Asian Tour prodigy Joo Hyung Kim, winner of the 2019 Panasonic Open India.

    An absolute superstar in the making! Should have been FIVE wins by now.

    Courtesy:Joy Chakravarty

  • As the saying going “Tough times don’t last but tough people do” . A young boy Prince Baishla , no that’s not his title it’s his name is seen Practicing in his village without any facilities for golf during the Lockdown. He is one of the upcoming Juniors and with his dedication and hard work has a very promising future in golf .. He is supported…

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